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Returning To Work With Confidence

Friday 22 November @ Ross Park Hotel, Kells

Local women from across Mid and East Antrim Borough Council gathered together at the Rosspark Hotel in Kells, Ballymena to hear how they can return back to the workforce with confidence after having a career break, giving them insight into the value they can bring to an employer, give tips on how to enter the workplace with confidence and consider the changes in the working environment.

Co-founder and Director of Bespoke Communications Camilla Long, encouraged the women to change their mind-set about entering a new workplace. With carrying positive thoughts it enables the women to communicate with their fellow employees in a confident manner, she pointed out to the women that you can’t use the adjective “sorry”, if something is pointed out in an email, instead of apologising – a simple “thanks for flagging that up” takes the negative tone away from the mistake made.

Sinéad Sharkey-Steenson, Founder and Managing Director of Generation Women, built self-belief within the attendees encouraging them to face their fears and insecurities of returning to work and how to know that their inner confidence and self-belief underpins it all and lets those around them know that they can deliver.

Listed in the top 50 women in engineering and from ARUP Tammy Whelan, shared her story of returning back to work after a career break. Her new job allows her the flexibility she needs with her family and is supported through mentoring; encouraging the women to join a workforce that will support them in their own lives. She finished by saying “And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears”.

Selena Ramsey from the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Health and Wellbeing team spoke on how the women need to support their own emotional health and self-care by taking the “5 Steps to Wellbeing” – Give, Be Active, Connect, Keep Learning and Take Notice. Through speaking of the 5 steps, it was clear that the women need to have a balance in their personal lives for them to have a peace of returning to work.

Employers For Childcare Policy & Information Manager Aoife Hamilton, provided the women with information that they can have a work-life rhythm that worked for them with access to affordable childcare. Aoife supplied the attendees with different types of affordable childcare that could work for them whilst how to approach their superior in work to ask for time to pick their children up from school or advice and guidance on what the company can do for them.