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20/11/20 11am – 12noon Final Chance to take part in Ulster Bank’s Life’s a Pitch £10k challenge!


Friday 20 November 2020
11am – 12noon

Join Ulster Bank #GEW10K Challenge, helping thousands of people to perfect their pitch during Global Entrepreneurship Week!

If you haven’t got a clear 60-second pitch, you could be missing out on opportunities to grow your business every day. Even in such uncertain times, you never know when the opportunity to support others may arise, so it is important to be able to explain your business quickly and simply. Join the Royal Bank Business Builder team as we break the 60-second or ‘elevator’ pitch down into its component parts. You’ll come away with a clear understand around what to put in and leave out and how to structure for maximum impact. We’ll give you all the tools, tips and hints for you to crack on with writing a pitch you’re confident in and proud of straight away. We’ll also share some great practical tips when pitching to an audience of 1 or 100.

Following this session, you’ll also be able to enter Ulster Bank’s ’10K Challenge’ for your chance to secure £10,000 funding! Make sure you attend to find out how to enter!

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