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Digital Youth Masterclass

Friday 22 November @ St Killian’s College,  Ballymena

Digital Youth’, the award-winning technology programme was delivered to Year 10-12 pupils of St. Killian’s College. The students had to work in teams to create a business plan for a digital start-up. Including the concepts of product development, target customers, design, finance and branding.

Hosted by Young Enterprise Northern Ireland, they brought along interactive equipment such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to help generate the students imaginations and to encourage them to think digital.

The engaging experience allowed the pupils to think of the bigger picture of what they may need in their daily lives that technology could help with. The room was filled with a variety of projects, one team decided to design a tracking device that would be inserted into sheep and controlled through an app that would allow their farmer to view the sheep’s health, know their location if they wonder off site and allow the sheepdog to heard them faster. However one of the winning business plans with slightly more points in the presentation was a smartwatch connecting to an app that tracked an elderly person’s health whilst reminding them to take their medication and it dials out to the emergency services if their heart rate drops.

Special guest Stephen Reid from Grafters Media brought along a few familiar faces from the Ballymena Christmas adverts ‘Ballymena Bear’ and ‘The Martian and the Pigeon’ including the equipment he uses to film each of his projects. He gave the pupils an insight into the media industry and what it can offer if you have a have a digital mind.

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